Dine with the artist

Dine with the artist
Dine with the artist

sunnudagur, 17. júní 2018

June 17th, Iceland's Independence Day.

It's June 17th, Iceland's Independence Day, rain is typical Independence Day weather  and Icelandic pancakes with cream is something very Icelandic, the weather in the kitchen is usually okay, and nice to wear a more suitable version of the national costume of the country, as my wife Soffia is here.


þriðjudagur, 5. júní 2018

Out art.

If people have already looked at the church that everyone visit on the hill of Reykjavík, you can look at the art collection of Einar Jónsson, the museum is on the left hand if you stand behind luck Leifur, where he always stands and is going to find America.
The weather does nothing but add to the fgreat art of Einar Jónsson.

If you want to look at my art;